Rising Moon is a 20X22 Limited Edition print----------price $15.00
MedicineMan is a 14X17 Limited Edition print---------price $10.00
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I used ta travel around the Southwest doin Art Shows in Malls--then opened my own
shop in OllaPodrida in Dallas. Then decided ta just RETIRE! I did Scrimshaw and
Scratchboard artwork. Here are a few of my Scratchboard  prints that I still have left
and figured I might as well try and sell them here on my site. I am not a professional
photographer so the quality of the print is much better than seen here! If yer interested
just email me at harleysnake@dishmail.net and I'll send ya one. The price includes
shipping and handeling--and if yer not happy I'll be glad ta refund yer hard earned
money. I do not accept credit cards just cash/check er money order!